Thursday, August 26, 2010

Critique My Design, Please!

Things have been pretty busy lately, and I have some new designs that I have been working on to post here.

First, here's a flyer I designed for the New Haven based modern dance company Clark Dance Theatre's 2008 Reboud Concert. It's still one of my favorite designs:

Second, here is a business card I designed for Lorelie Mae Quilting. I am really psyched the way this came out, especially because I put so much detail into the stitching on the quilt images.

Lastly, here is a flyer I designed for my mom, who is working for herself as a Home Health Aid. I struggled with this one, as she wanted a lot of information on the flyer. Since her targeted audience is senior citizens, I tried to make the most important words and messages large enough to read from afar. I chose the bird image because the bird looked like he needed a little help. And yes, I am aware that the font looks a little like (eeeek!!!) Papyrus. If you have any suggestions on how I can make this design better, please let me know!

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